Our services



EcoTransFaire builds a strategic and practical approach 

in the framework of “action research” with:

Surveys, polls, diagnostics, sociological studies :

  • Qualitative: interviews, group interviews, workshops…
  • Quantitative: creation of databases, statistical analyses…

A socio-economic assessment :

  • Of your city: local uses with use of spaces and facilities, calculation of well-being, mobility…
  • Of your company: consumption, distribution, network of actors, relationships…

 Analyses and recommendations :

  • Transversal: Transversal: social, economic, technical… 
  • Findings from the field: resources, constraints, corrective measures…


EcoTransFaire designs services with the following objectives in mind

to provide new solutions with:

 The constitution of the ecosystem :

  • Assembly: administrative, financial, writing and content of projects (from local to European);
  • Gather: networking of actors, partnerships, job creation…

Project Management Assistance :


⇒ Project coordination ;


  ⇒ Accompaniment of proposed solutions ; 


    ⇒ Application of tools and methodologies appropriate to the situation ;


      ⇒ Mediation between stakeholders and the public.

 Assistance in mastery of usage :


⇒ Accompaniment of changes through awareness-raising, consultation and action phases ;


  ⇒ Exercising an integrating role through the mobilisation, involvement and commitment of stakeholders and the target public ;


    ⇒ Use of communication and mobilisation tools: workshops, events, exemplary visits…



The ecosystems we accompany have

to be sustainable. To achieve this, EcoTransFaire :

Ensures the coordination until their autonomy through :

  • Regular follow-up: monitoring, corrective measures if necessary…
  • A transfer of skills: training, sourcing in the Greater Region, upgrading the skills of all stakeholders… 

A communication :

  • Towards an external audience: extension and transfer of experience in the context of seminars, conferences…
  • To an internal audience: trade fairs, video reports…


Our offer :

Whether it is a company that wants to develop its business or meet the needs of its employees and customers ;

Whether it is a city that wishes to act on its urban policy within the framework of actions for territorial development;

Our expertise enables us to provide a range of solutions :

  1. An initial assessment (resources, opportunities, obstacles) with a pre-diagnosis determining the areas for future action.
  2. A report with proposals for the implementation of an adapted ecosystem, favourable to the expansion of the activity and the change of scale (local, regional, national and European).
  3. A support in the creation of the ecosystem: commitment of the target public, involvement of partners, administrative and financial management of the project…
  4. A final evaluation with socio-economic impacts and future recommendations (sustainability of actions, increase of activities…).
  5. A follow-up with monitoring and networking on a European scale.

Depending on your projects, we have the ability to split our expertise or provide it all.

Possibility of a pre-diagnosis offered according to your needs and interests