EcoTransFaire, a member of the AROMA project, co-organised and participated with the other members in a triathlon of meetings in the Greater Region on the :

Structuring the supply of quality and local food products to the out-of-home catering sector.”

Between testimonials and participative workshops, these days were enriching for each participant!

These three-week meetings in Rouvroy (BE), Luxembourg-City (LU) and Saarbrücken (DE) made it possible:

  • A presentation of the figures for food production and purchases in the Greater Region;
  • A first feedback on the qualitative survey on obstacles to the use of local products;
  • A presentation of the Panier Collèges system in Meurthe-et-Moselle;
  • The intervention of exemplary local companies;
  • A presentation of the supply and demand for collective catering in the Greater Region and guides for cross-border marketing;
  • Reflections on an AROMA charter in the Greater Region.

For more information, contact Bernard LAHURE ( or Ariane FRAGNON (